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South Texas New Home Construction Inspections (Part 1) 
Why should South Texas area buyers of newly built homes get Inspections?
Well, because there are no perfectly built new homes. Think about it, a newly constructed home is not built on an assembly line in perfect conditions like your new Ford Explorer or your Toyota Camry was. 
Slab Foundation forms set, pluming roughed in  and gravel fill complete START OF A NEW HOME is not on an assembly line- Pictured here is formset of foundation, plumbing rough in, low PI fill installed along w/ vapor barrier and waiting for cable or rebar slab reinforcement, additional plumbing pulls and then INSPECTION  before slab pour.

Actually your new home is built out in an open field, a home site you picked out or land that a builder has chosen for construction. Building a new home is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make, well that is, until you decide to build that next, larger, more luxurious one as many families eventually do for an expanding family or to keep up with the Joneses.

So if you are going through the New Home Construction process from start or are buying a new home during or at completion of construction, consider the cost of the inspection(s) as compared to the value of the investment you are making for the home. It is a small fee to pay, even if it’s only for peace of mind, or especially if the inspection uncovers minor or in some cases major problems that the builder corrects that may come back to haunt you or cost you in years to come. Undersized beam w/ overcut at notch on top plate Over spanned, load bearing beam in photo shows (2-2x8 w/o ply and glue). The beam was also notched to sit on the top plate, with an over cut leaving only 4-1/2" at bearing point. There was room for a third 2x8 in back, sitting on the top plate (not notched)- and was added per inspection for the correction needed.
Most likely your builder, whether a custom builder or a large volume builder is a good, quality homebuilder. A home being built has thousands of components that go into it, so mistakes can and will be made. Considering all the subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers, there are thousands of workers, craftsmen and technicians that work on your homes products before delivery and/or at the home site. So, human error is always a possibility.
You deserve to have your new home built as close to perfect as possible. So for a nominal fee a qualified home inspector can inspect your new home Inspectors new homes
to assure you of that.  Whether you are building from start or buying during construction or after the new home is complete hire an experienced new home construction inspection specialist for your new home, it will pay off, even if only for peace of mind but probably for much more. 

See our blog on New Home Construction Phase Inspections.

By Joseph W. Keresztury, JWK Inspections- South Texas Home Inspector , Owner Builder Consultant and New Home Construction Specialist  

New home inspections

JWK Inspections is available for all types of Inspections, including new homes and pre owned homes along with Consulting services, Construction Management and Build Your Own Home services also being available


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