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 JWK Consulting Owner Built Home San Antonio Texas 
Left- Snow in South Texas, December of 2017- JWK Consulting's Owner Builder Clients Home in Fair Oaks, TX. Right- Our Drone View of this JWK Consulting Clients Home in outer North Central San Antonio, TX

               Build More For Less, The Owner Builder Way   
If you want to build your own Custom Home we can help you do it. We are not the franchise type 'Owner Builder' Consulting Organization as most are, so we don't have the overhead and/or franchise fees that increase consulting rates. JWK Consulting is a locally and individually owned and operated business. Joe Keresztury of JWK Consulting was an award winning Custom Homebuilder for 25 years and has over 35 years of Construction, Inspection & Consulting experience along with being a licensed home inspector in the State of Texas. TREC License # 10420.
Deciding to build your families dream home on your own is a huge undertaking. We can offer you many services before and thruout the building process including the owner built home consultation or the actual construction management to help assure you that your newly built home will be a valued and prized possesion for many years to come. 

       Joseph W. Keresztury JWK Consulting San Antonio Owner Built Home Consultant Joe Keresztury JWK Inspections and Consulting JWK Consulting Owner Built Home
Joseph W. Keresztury- Consultant for Owner Built Homes, Certified Professional Home Inspector, TREC Licensed Home Inspector, Award Winning Custom Homebuilder, New Home Construction Specialist, Certified Master Inspector (CMI)- 1 of only 8 in San Antonio, Member- International Code Council (ICC), Structural Specialist & more !
 Let us help you build your own Custom Home and save tens of thousands of dollars !
    Let's Do It Right !  Ask me how !

      Owner Buit Home JWK Inspections 

Advantages Of Being Your Own Builder With JWK Consulting:

  • As an 'Owner Builder' you will be in control of the entire process before and during construction with consulting assistance as needed. You control the entire project with no hidden costs, or the hidden builder savings and/or discounts and with out the big homebuilder mark ups / profit margin. You have full disclosure of everything that you wouldn't have with a homebuilder that is building your home, actual cost, savings and more.
  • You will act as your own Builder / Construction Manager with total control, management flexibility and our support to fit your needs for the project.
  • You, as your own builder can choose the subcontractors, vendors / suppliers that are referred by us or that were found by you or referred to you by others or you can even do some of the work on your home yourself as some owner builders do to save even more on building costs.  It's all up to you and it all includes our help as needed.
  • You will not only have pride of ownership of a new home,  your families home,  but will also have the satisfaction of having built your families own custom home which will be a valued posession and investment for years to come.
  • Cost Savings- You will save tens of thousands of dollars as your own builder with our guidance. This includes getting actual builders pricing from suppliers and subcontractors. Help with price negotiations will be provided by JWK Consulting. Savings also is mainly included from not having a custom home builders mark up for profit and overhead that would easily be at about 30% on top of hard costs. Why do I know this?  Because, as a custom homebuilder for a quarter of a century a 30% mark up was standard for a custom homebuilder for overhead, expenses and profit. As a consultant I have no overhead and charge a minimal fee for this service compared to the mark up I had to have for profit, overhead and other expenses as a custom homebuilder.
  • The total cost to complete your new home is based on many factors that are specific to your particular project, including your own needs and specifications. As an owner builder, building your families home you can control many of the factors that determine the total cost in addition to saving the amount of a builder’s built in gross profit margin (30 % as mentioned above). Many factors will determine overall cost and you are in control of the determining factors. 
  • You’ll be able to have and afford the extra square footage, amenities and upgrades that you want in your new custom home, including the changes made as you go along during construction without large change order mark ups by a builder.
  • As an owner builder you receive the advantages of builder pricing and discounts with this consultants support and resources of over 30 years. You will also have leverage with preferred subcontractors and suppliers/vendors due to the consultants negotiating experience.
  • Building your own home with the assistance of JWK Consulting will get continuous personal,  individual support from the JWK Team, including Joe Keresztury himself,  a Trinity University (Homebuilding Degree) graduate, award winning Custom Homebuilder with over 35 years of homebuilding related experience, licensed in the State of Texas as a Professional Home Inspector (TREC License # 10420) and a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI # 09091009) and International Code Council Member (ICC # 8227928)
  • As the builder of your own new custom home you will work with a JWK Consultant including Joe Keresztury personally. The new home construction specialists will assist you with every aspect of the planning, budgeting, scheduling, construction management and the entire building process- before, during and even after.
  • You will complete your personal Custom Home project with a larger and/or less expensive, better built home than if built by an actual homebuilding contractor. Your own Owner Built Home will have an up front, large built in equity, and if, or when you decide to sell the home will reap the benefits of that built in equity of an Owner Built Home, that had the support of JWK Consulting- The South Texas New Home Construction Specialists. 

  • Owner builder home built by you Built By You Owner built home

     Owner Built Home San Antonio Texas JWK Consulting                                                                                                                   .            Owner builder Consulting San Antonio

    Let us also assist getting your 'Owner Builder' Home 
    process going in these following ways:

    Help with selling your existing home-
    -Listing your existing home for sale with our preferred Texas Licensed Realtor can save you up to 50 percent discount on the listing end of the real estate commission fee for selling your existing home. 
    -Also there will be an inspection of your existing home included at no charge - Get 'Move In Certified' on the home, to help it sell  faster with a Free
    Pre Listing/ Sellers Inspection by a licensed (TREC) Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Inspector, Certified with (InterNACHI) InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
    -Consultation will be available by us to evaluate what repairs and/or improvements may be needed on your existing home to help make it a better 'Move In Certified' home for faster sale potential.
    Help with finding land for the site of your families new Custom Home-
    -If you don't already have a homesite to build your families new custom home on we will help you find land that fits you and your famalies needs. We have a
    TREC licensed Real Estate professional with the resources to help make it easier to find you a homesite in the South Texas areas. We can and will help you find the land to build your own Custom Home on. JWK  Consulting Build your own home San Antonio Built by you A Home site that is especially for you and your family, fitting your needs. It's important to consider many things on your choice of a home site, including the actual area the home site you are considered is at - as they say in Real Estate- Location, Location, Location ! Other considerations include tree locations on the site, topogrophy & slope on the proposed lot, soil & rock conditions, etc.
    Help with coordinating Financing for your new Owner Built Home-
    -If you don't have financing lined up for you new home, than we can line you up with our sources of lenders that specialize in Construction Financing (click) for 'Owner Built' projects.
    Help with Plan Design and Layout-
    -If you already have plans for your home we will help you lay it out on the homesite ahead of time.
    -If you don't have plans, our source at the
    Plan Factory (click) has thousands of plans to choose from. Changes can be made to these plans as needed, or you can start from scratch and totally design a new custom plan with the designer. The CAD design home plans for your new Owner Buider Custom Home can be printed out and is available on PDF file for your computer.

    JWK Consulting Owner Built Homes Owner Builder Homes Built By You

                                         .              San Antonio Owner Built Home Consultant JWK Inspections & Consulting

  • Choose a 'Build Your Own Home' Consultant that has along with a college degree in Homebuilding, over 30 years of Custom Homebuilding, Real Estate, Construction, Home Inspection and Consulting experience and offers much more than that ! !
    Build your Own Home in San Antonio and the Surrounding South Central Texas areas and $ave ! ! !
    Construction Phase Inspection Services available if you decide to have a Builder build your new home: www.jwkhomeinspections.com/new/home/construction/phase/inspections/san/antonio/inspector.html


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