Joseph W. Keresztury 

                                               Joe Keresztury (R) at slab pour
                             New Home Construction Specialist

Qualifications including Experience, Education, Honors & Designations

Over 30 years of Homebuilding, Construction, Real Estate, Consulting and
              Inspection Experience
  The Oaklands  The Ridge at Deerfield Model Home

Joe Keresztury JWK Inspections and Consulting   New Home Construction Specialist 

Consultant- Owner Builder Homes

Homebuilding Degree (Bachelors of Science) Trinity University -  
              San Antonio, Texas -  1981

Custom Home Builder / Owner in the Greater San Antonio and the surrounding areas 
                                         for over 25 years


Award Winning Custom Homebuilder 

Parade of Homes-
As a Custom Homebuilder, built in many San Antonio and surrounding area 
              Parade of Homes from the 1980's thru 2000
's Parade of Homes 1994 1989 San Antonio Parade of Homes

Past Builder member of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association (GSABA),                                        
  The Texas Association of Builders    and the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) -
              Joe Keresztury Homes was a Registered Homebuilder with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC)


San Antonio Young Builders Council (YBC)- Vice President (1991), Sec/Tres (1990), Board of Directors (1987-89) 


Past builder member of the New Braunfels Builders Association.
New Braunfels Parade of Homes Built in the 2006 New Braunfels Parade of Homes.


Founder / Charity Sponsor (1989-1998) of the Joe Keresztury Homes Golf Classic
(originally called the Joe Keresztury Homes Realtor Classic Golf Tournament).
  The Charity golf tournament raised tens of thousands of dollars for numerous charities
including the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio.

Featured in numerous publications as a Custom Homebuilder (80's thru 2000's), including the San Antonio Express News, San Antonio Light, Real Estate Newsline, San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Business Times, Builder / Architect Magazine, Home Magazine.

Publisher of the Award Winning 'Custom Builder News'
                                                                     - a quarterly publication of the early 1990's.

Past Member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and The San Antonio Northside Chamber of Commerce.

Experienced Real Estate Investor / Owner.

Author of numerous published articles, including in the San Antonio Light, Real Estate Newsline, San Antonio Business Times and the Custom Builder News.

Featured as one of the largest Residential Builders in the Bexar County area numerous times  
                                          by the San Antonio Business Journal (80's and 90's).

Texas Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector (Highest Inspector level of 3 in Texas) 
             TREC Logo  TREC License # 10420

Certified Residential Home Inspector w/ the 
            International Association of Certified Home Inspectors 
              InterNACHI # 09091009

ICC Member International Code Council International Code Council - ICC Member # 8227928 

COMInspect Member- Commercial Property Inspections

Approved FEMA Housing Inspector (PB Disaster Services) #P72555 PB Disaster Services



208 Hours of TREC approved Core Inspection Courses, 
              Champions School of Real Estate

       . . . . and over 360 Hours of Continuing Education Credits since 2009 - See below

San Antonio Home Inspector Education Excellence  Awarded the InterNACHI Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Continuing Education exceeding requirements of TREC and InterNACHI                                                                                          
                     -  Continuing Education Credits recent years listed below:

2015 Continuing Education Courses :

Course Name                                             Continuing Education          Source
                                                                                   Credits Earned 

Three Coat Stucco System                                                                 1.0 CEU                           Ron Blank Assoc. Inc. 
Commercial Inspections                                                                     8.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Inspecting A/C & Heat Pump Systems                                             3.0 CEU                          
Safety Precautions for Home Inspectors                                          2.0 CEU                           McKissock
Attic Ventilation                                                                                 2.0 CEU                            McKissock
Reflective Insulation & Radiant Barriers                                        1.0 CEU                            AEC Daily
Residential Garages and Overhead Doors                                       1.0 CEU                            Ron Blank Assoc. Inc.

Designing with Structural Insulated Panels                              1.0 CEU                            Ron Blank Assoc. Inc.
Electrical Inspection Inside & Out                                                   3.0 CEU                            McKissock                                                                     Basic Foundation Construction                                                        2.5 CEU                             McKissock                            .


2014 Continuing Education Courses :

 Course Name                                                               Continuing Education                  Source
Credits Earned 
Designing Barrier Free Restrooms to Meet the New
    2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design                                1.0 CEU                           Ron Blank Assoc. Inc. 
Application of Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems                        1.0 CEU                           Ron Blank Assoc. Inc.
Assuring Water Resistance of Masonry Construction                   1.0 CEU                           Ron Blank Assoc. Inc.
Low Slope Bituminous Roofs                                                            1.5 CEU                           CertainTeed Academy
How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves and Chimneys                           4.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Home Inspection Business Course                                                    6.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Texas Standards, Legal and Ethics                                                   8.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Home Inspection - From the Ground Up                                         3.0 CEU                           McKissock
Access Ladders & Stairways: Design and Code Solutions             1.0 CEU                           Ron Blank Assoc. Inc.
How to Perform Mold Inspections                                                  12.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Texas TREC WDI Inspection, Treatment & Reporting                 2.0 CEU                           InterNACHI
Specifying Gas Fireplaces for Today’s Homes                                1.0 CEU                           AEC Daily
Vinyl Siding: Basics and Beyond                                                      1.0 CEU                        CertainTeed                                 
Principles of Attic Ventilation                                                           1.5 CEU
How to Inspect Pools ad Spas                                                            8.0 CEU                           InterNACHI   
TOTAL  2014                                                              52.0 CEU                                      


2013 Continuing Education Courses :

Course Name                                                                Continuing Education           Source
                                                                                                                                         Credits Earned 

Wind and Hail Property Damage Inspections                   4 CEU                     InterNACHI
3C Wind & Hail Inspection & Roof Replacement            2 CEU                     InterNACHI
Defect Recognition and Report Writing                             8 CEU                     InterNACHI
Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors                                   1 CEU                     InterNACHI
3C Safety for the Exterior                                                    2 CEU                     InterNACHI
Texas TREC Standard Form & Report Writing              12 CEU                    InterNACHI
Roof: Ten Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection             2 CEU                     InterNACHI
How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes          12 CEU                     InterNACHI
Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior                          4 CEU                      InterNACHI
Designing Public Restrooms                                               1 CEU                      AEC Daily
Universal Design and Accessible Baths                             1 CEU                   
   AEC Daily    

Overview of Masonry Mortars                                           1 CEU                      AEC Daily    
   Total  2013                                                        50 CEU                                    


2012 Continuing Education Courses :

Course Name                                                 Continuing Education                      Source

                                                                                               Credits Earned
Introduction to Insulated                                           1 CEU                            AEC Daily
      Concrete Forms (ICF)
Firestops: A Life Safety Issue                                     1 CEU                            AEC Daily
Green Building                                                        8 CEU                            InterNACHI
Controlling Moisture Movement In Buildings:
       Below Slab Protection                                         1 CEU                            AEC Daily
Radiant Barrier Structural Roof Sheathing                        1 CEU                            AEC Daily
TREC Standards of Practice for
       Inspecting Appliances                                         8 CEU                            InterNACHI
Texas Standards of Practice,
        Legal and Ethics Update                                     6 CEU                            InterNACHI
3C General Roof Inspection                                         2 CEU                            InterNACHI
3C Inspecting Metal Roofs                                          2 CEU                            InterNACHI
3C Ladder Safety                                                    1 CEU                            InterNACHI
Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers                             3 CEU                            InterNACHI
Under Slab Vapor Retarder/Barriers:
      Restricting Moisture Infiltration                             1 CEU                            AEC Daily
Inspecting Means of Egress                                        4 CEU                            InterNACHI
3C Professionalism                                                  4 CEU                            InterNACHI
Appliance Inspection Course                                        8 CEU                            InterNACHI
   Total   2012                                                                                       51 CEU                                                     

2011 Continuing Education Courses :

Course Name                                                  Continuing Education                 Source
                                                                    Credits Earned
Customer Service and Communications                          4 CEU                              InterNACHI
Inspecting Means of Egress                                              4 CEU                                  "
Inspecting Water Heater Tanks                                        1 CEU                                   "
Inspecting Fire Extinguishers                                           4 CEU                                   "
Inspecting Chinese Drywall                                              5 CEU                                   "
Inspecting Crawl Spaces                                                   3 CEU                                   "
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors                            4 CEU                               InterNACHI
Thermal Imaging for Inspectors                                       5 CEU                              InterNACHI
How To Inspect Decks                                                        1 CEU                              InterNACHI
Inspect the Exterior                                                           16 CEU                             InterNACHI
Comfort and Climate for Inspectors                                 1 CEU                              InterNACHI
The House as a Sysemt                                                       2 CEU                              InterNACHI
How to Inspect Septic Systems                                        10 CEU                              InterNACHI
Asphalt Technologies for Sustainable Streets                  1 CEU                               AEC Daily
Thermal Performance:
          Energy Efficiency Through Insulation                    1 CEU                                AEC Daily
   Total  2011                                                                     61 CEU                                                  


2010 Continuing Education Courses :

Course Name                              Continuing Education             Source
                                               Credits Earned
Commercial Inspections                                         8.0 CEU                           InterNachi 
Performing Exterior Inspections                          16.0 CEU                           InterNachi
Residential Plumbing Overview                             8.0 CEU                           InterNachi
Decking and Railing Systems                                1.0 CEU                           CertainTeed
Buildings  Moisture and Mold Control                  1.5 CEU                           CertainTeed
Winter Storm Disasters                                          1.0 CEU                           PB Disasters / FEMA
    Total  2010                                                         32.5 CEU                                                             

2009 Continuing Education Courses 

Course Name                                Continuing Education          Source
                                                  Credits Earned     
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors                 4.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Residential Standards of Practice                         3.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
25 Standards Home Inspector                               5.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Home Inspector Safety Course                              4.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Performing Exterior Inspections                                      16.0 CEU                       InterNachi                                                                                                                                                             
Roofing Inspection                                                  4.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Inspecting HVAC Systems                                    12.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Inspect Attic,Insulation,Ventilation &Interior      14.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Inspect Moisture Intrusion                                      8.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
The Attic: 3 Components, One System                 1.5  CEU                        CertainTeed
Principles of Attic Insulation                                  1.5  CEU                        CertainTeed
Deck Inspections                                                     3.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Electrical Inspections                                              4.0  CEU                        InterNACHI
Inspector Orientation                                               1.0                                 PB Disasters/FEMA
Privacy Act Compliance                                           1.0                                PB Disasters/FEMA
The Flood Inspection                                                1.0                                PB
The Earthquake Inspection                                      1.0                                PB
The Tornado and Windstorm inspection                1.0                                PB
The Fire Inspection                                                   1.0                                PB
The Winter Storm Inspection                                   1.0                                PB
Inspecting and Recording Hurricane Damage       1.0                                PB
The Remote Island Inspection                                 1.0                                PB
Man Made Disasters                                                 1.0                                PB
Code of Conduct and Ethics                                   1.0                                 PB
ACE 3 Overview                                                        1.0                                PB
2009 Summer Update                                               1.0                                PB
Customer Service                                                     1.0                                PB
MRIC                                                                           1.0                                PB
Navigating Microsoft Streets and Trips                  1.0                                PB
Microsoft Windows Journal                                     1.0                                PB
Inspection Management Tools                                 1.0                                PB
Field Quality Assessor Preparation                         1.0                                PB
Orientation  Workshop                                              2.0                                PB
Practice Lab                                                               8.0                                PB
Team Development Workshop                                 8.0                                PB
  2009 Total                                                                    117. 0   CEU                                           


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