New Home Warranty Inspection

 San Antonio area New Home Construction Inspections (Part 3)

Your San Antonio area New Home (Builders) Warranty Inspection
A New Home Warranty Inspection is performed before the one year anniversary of the closing and delivery of the new home. There is an implied warranty where a builder is required to construct a well built and safe home according to industry standards and manufacturers product requirements. Your builder provides a one year workmanship warranty that includes all components of the newly built home. You also have your direct manufacturer’s warranties for various lengths of time for many different products in your home. A homeowner should make sure they received all direct product warranty information from their builder. 
The Warranty Inspection examines quality of workmanship, materials, proper installations as well as performance of all components inside and outside of the home as per industry standards and manufacturers specifications.
This fire risk was discovered at inspection thru the small required 12"x 12"  gas access panel at the exterior of the FP chase of the home. The enclosed interior of the fireplace chase was not observable, even thru the small gas connect access, but the camera w/ flash thru the FP Chase cavity at arms lenght thru the access opening captured the potential risk. There was insulation as seen leaning up against the fireplace box. Warnings can be seen posted on the fireplace box requiring seperation of insulation and building materials from the fireplace.

 Large gap behind top of shower tile  A large exposed gap was found above/behind the top of the tile edge at the shower exposing it to not only the shower water but all the moisture in the air of the bathroom. The exposed opening/gap was never noticed by the home owners since the top tile edge of the shower was approx. 7 ft  high.
Ordinarily a homeowner is not familar with the complex systems along with industry standards and requirements of a newly built home.
The Warranty Inspection on your home is one of the better investments you can make and is small in comparison to the overall cost of your home.  The inspector might only find numerous cosmetic and workmanship items, which your builder should take care of,  but imagine if there is something major that you’re not aware of that the inspector identifies or something that is discovered that would cause problems and expense years down the line.

Exposed sole plate of exterior wall past slab The bottom of the wall frame was out past the foundation and exposed to the elements
Some things are just worth the peace of mind if nothing else and the warranty inspection is definitely worth the peace of mind and probably much more.  Whether a home buyer received Construction and/or Move In Inspections or not the Warranty Inspection is the last line of defense to ensure the homeowner has received a quality product. Don’t let your Builder off the hook. After one year you are stuck with all major deficiencies and minor cosmetic/workmanship imperfections on your new home. So make sure you receive all the full benefits of your builders warranty. Take full advantage of this and hire a qualified San Antonio area New Home Construction Inspection Specialist to come examine and assess your home, so as to safe guard your major investment. For your protection get a New Home Warranty Inspection.

 Unfinished Underside Of Box Window   Sheetrock corner not staraight Warranty Inspection

Info by Joseph W. Keresztury,  JWK Inspections - San Antonio and surrounding areas Home Inspector and New Home Construction Specialist
Photos by JWK Inspections at San Antonio area home inspections

JWK Inspections is available for all types of Inspections, including new homes and pre owned homes along with Consulting services, Construction Management and Build Your Own Home services also being available


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