Energy $avings Tips

Energy Tips To Help You Save (Part 1)
You can spend a little up front that will save a lot more when it comes to your utility bills. See our simple home improvement energy tips that can save you thousands of dollars in your energy bills over a few years. The older your home, the more you can benefit.
I have seen numerous forty five or fifty year old homes in the San Antonio area without one bit of insulation in the attic. Also, if your home was built before the 90’s it most likely had insufficient insulation installed as compared to todays standards. In the 80’s the minimum requirement for your ceiling to attic insulation was just at an R-19 value. These days the minimum requirement is R-30 in our San Antonio area. Another comparison of energy efficiency differentials is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) for Air Conditioning condensers. In the late 80’s the it was a minimum requirement of an 8 SEER. Now on new equipment we are up to around a 14+ SEER standard in our area.  
Homeowners in the San Antonio area shouldn’t wonder if they should invest in energy saving improvements. Some not overly expensive improvement ideas could help save much more than the initial cost of the investment for the repair or upgrade and are easy enough to do yourself or for a little more, have done for you.

Take a look at our Blog Series of Energy Tips, Continued at:  Energy Tips Part 2

By Joseph W. Keresztury,  JWK Inspections-  San Antonio and surrounding areas Home Inspector and New Home Construction Specialist

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