Energy $avings Tips for your San Antonio area Home-Part 2


Energy Tips To Help You $ave (Cont'd.)

It is estimated that 15% of air leakage from a home is through walls and its openings and penetrations. A foam spray insulating sealant that can be purchased at your local Home Depot for a few dollars can help seal air leaks around wall penetrations, such as outlets, fixtures and hose bibs. Silicone caulk can be used to seal small cracks. All dissimilar materials should be caulked, sealed. For instance caulking or re-caulking your window frame to wood or masonry, your door frames to the exterior cladding along with masonry to cornice trim, etc. can go a long way. Caulking and sealing is a continual maintenance necessity on your home. Exterior doors should also be properly sealed with thresholds and adequate weather stripping. Weather stripping can easily be checked to see if it is properly sealing.

Your water heater which is commonly in the garage or maybe the attic is known to use up between 15-25% of your energy. An insulation blanket on the water heater and foam insulation sleeves on its exposed hot water pipes would be a good idea that can help reduce around 10% of your energy costs. For around $25 dollars you can purchase a water heater insulation blanket and pipe insulation sleeves at your San Antonio area Home Improvement Center.

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By Joseph W. Keresztury, JWK Inspections- San Antonio and surrounding areas Home Inspector and New Home Construction Specialist


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