Roof and cornice

1. Water stains are visible at roof overhang / soffit
2. Tree(s) should be trimmed back to prevent further damage to shingles and cornice material
3. Siding should be at least an inch, preferable 2" off the roof material to help prevent deterioration. The necessary flashing needed is visible at the siding and roof junction.
4. 1x4 Trim is pulling loose, creating a large gap for possible water intrusion. Needs to be refastened, caulked and painted. The brick to roof at this area is not flashed.
5. Kickout flashing is missing. Needs to be installed to prevent water problems and further wood decay
6. Plywood roof decking is popping up, pulling loose, needs to be refastened. There is evidence of wood deterioration at this area.
7. Evidence of wood finish fading, deterioration is evident here and numerous areas. A new finish coat of paint is needed to help preserve the wood.

photo by JWK Inspections


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