Wall Outlet Requirements

Wall (plug) outlets are required to be within 12' of each other, so as to not have to go more than 6' either way for a plug. This 50 year old San Antonio home, as seen on this Home Inspection had numerous areas lacking minimum plug outlet requirements
Missing outlets   no plug outlets

Outlet requirerments

Photos by JWK Inspections - San Antonio Home Inspector         Image by InterNACHI


I used a home inspector when

I used a home inspector when I boguht my first home and I’m glad I did. I boguht my home through Taylor Morrison and they suggested that I have a home inspector check everything out before I moved in. I really recommend them, and when you request information from their website you’ll be entered in to a contest to win a dream vacation. I think that home inspectors can save a new buyer a lot of hassle down the road.

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