Patched and Painted Cornice Materials

Patching and painting will conceal defects as evidenced in these photos. Numerous corners of the fascia material were spackled / patched and painted on this home concealing some obvious rotted wood in the cornice materials of the home. On this 24 year old home the culprit was the gutter system which was not properly sealed at the corner joints  thus creating a continuos seeping of moisture thru the corners onto the wood, especially when the gutters are clogged / backed up as they were at the time of this Preowned Buyers Home Inspection in north San Antonio.

Photo shows what an ice pick can easily do in a few minutes to remove patchwork and rotted wood.
NOTE: A TREC and InterNachi inspection according to the Standards of Practice is non invasive. The first picture was part of the inspection on this home and it was noted in the report that there was obvious repairs and patchwork at this area and at numerous other cornice areas. The second picture (after purchase) shows that the Inspection report was accurate w/ non invasive analysis.


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